Pre Purchase Analysis

Pre Purchase Analysis & Advice


Are you looking for that next big investment in the property market but not sure if you are making the right decision? 

Stack Property provides you with complete data for locations of established and new houses so that you can get the best deals with complete confidence. A full pre purchase analysis can help you save time and money, letting a professional run the numbers and give you unbiased opinions on the property will give you peace of mind before you purchase.


Do you want to live or invest in a residential property in Melbourne? Then let us help you save thousands of dollars through our comprehensive pre-purchase analysis. 

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  • Buying an investment property? Get a full analysis before you buy, potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars or better yet, giving you peace of mind that it is a good investment!
  • Finance Pre Approval, get the best rates and buy with security and confidence.
  • Do you need to do a building inspection before you buy?
  • Is the contract of sale in your best interest and what to look out for? How to get it professionally reviewed before buying.